Paul Through The Looking Glass

‘Cause everything that’s been has passed
The answer’s in the looking glass
There’s four and twenty million doors
On life’s endless corridor”

  • The Masterplan , Noel Gallagher

There was no class on Monday evening.

There was no assignment class on Tuesday evening.

There was no class on Wednesday.

There was no assignment deadline.

I always have mad dreams. No that’s not true. I have fantastic dreams. It’s just that if I described them to you, you , yes you,, would have concerns for my well being, the well being of my kith, and don’t get me started on your concern for my kin. You certainly would not like to see me in control of any mechanically propelled vehicle, especially if I was going in the opposite direction to you.

But this week, quite possibly, due to having even more time on my hands to ponder…no, sorry, that’s not true either. Time is an artificial Sumerian construct that , well, is really a state of mind. However, if you , yes you,, believe in time, then my argument would be that I had exactly the same amount of time on my hands this week as last week.

Anyway, perhaps it was simply that some part of my consciousness that was no longer consumed by Lean Business Model Canvasses, Gibb’s Non-Reflective Trapezoid, and plagiarism filters that don’t even allow you to quote yourself, was free to explore again. And explore it did.

For many years I’ve been mulling over a story that roams across history,science, symbols, myths, legends, and beliefs. It was all disjointed. I couldn’t find a thread to connect the elements and characters…until Wednesday night. I woke at 4.00am having just dreamt the opening chapter of ‘The’ book. It connected everything. Stories that I’d jotted down over the years now fitted into this ‘Masterplan’.

It will be epic.

It will be a four part trilogy.

It will be offered to RTE as a mini-series. They will decline and then subsequently buy it from Channel 4.

And then I will be asked to write an episode of Dr.Who , Eric Cantona will agree to portray one of the characters, it will be filmed in Monaghan and Fontaines DC will perform the opening theme song.

Or is this still the  dream ??



P.S. This is the ‘Masterplan’ by Oasis

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