Month: February 2021

Me and a statue outside a wee church in Spain
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The Worst Thing

“What’s the matter with him? (He’s alright)I’ll see his face (the Lord won’t mind)Don’t play no games (he’s alright)Love from… read more The Worst Thing

Arcadians looking at Pasta, our cat
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Whatever people say I am that’s what I’m not.

“Its our lives,Its nothing, don’t touch me,Don’t call me,I can’t wake up.Can’t help you,Someone else will,If you just sit still.” –… read more Whatever people say I am that’s what I’m not.

Eileen and I , Santiago Airport
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All I Ever Needed

All I Ever Wanted “If the world is too tallYou can jump you won’t fallYou’re in safe handsWhat the day… read more All I Ever Needed

Staring at Yves Klein's painting IKB79
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Skirting The Issue

“They mistook my kindness for weaknessI fucked up, I know that, but, JesusCan’t a girl just do the best she… read more Skirting The Issue