Month: June 2021

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You Didn’t Know It, Now You Do.

“I feel like a contradictionI’m a walking science-fictionI don’t know which way to turnI’ve got a lot to burnI’ve got… read more You Didn’t Know It, Now You Do.

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Monaghan, Stoker, and Wilde. ( A Pagan Place )

“How did he come here?Who gave him the key?Slipped it in his handSo secretlyAnd who put the colourLike lines on… read more Monaghan, Stoker, and Wilde. ( A Pagan Place )

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And I Wonder

“Don’t stop the buck when it comesIt’s the dawn, you’ll see Money won’t get thereTen years passed tonightYou’ll flee If… read more And I Wonder

A gaggle of saints
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The Lost Apostle

“Do you remember when the line was blownDo you remember when it fellDo you remember when you went to her… read more The Lost Apostle

Aidan Harte, the Puca and me
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Poking The Puca

“I want to ride to the ridge where the West commencesAnd gaze at the moon ’til I lose my sensesI… read more Poking The Puca

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I See You

“Stop (Stop)Being so hard on yourselfIt’s not good for your healthI know that you can changeSo clear your head and… read more I See You

Me wearing a bucket hat
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Deadline ! This too shall pass

“Who’s there for youLaying in the dark, laying in the dark?As the headlights start to fadeAnd we kiss like runaways”… read more Deadline ! This too shall pass

Me and Medusa
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Whoo R U ?

“What we once thought we had, we didn’tAnd what we have now will never be that way againSo we call… read more Whoo R U ?