Month: April 2021

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I Don’t Sleep, I Dream

“What do you want from me?Why don’t you run from me?What are you wondering?What do you know?Why aren’t you scared… read more I Don’t Sleep, I Dream

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Ghosts Of My Life

“Just when I think I’m winningWhen I’ve broken every doorThe ghosts of my life blow wilder than beforeJust when I… read more Ghosts Of My Life

Our cabinet full of memories
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I, Wunderkammer

“All the time before I knew youSeems now so longAnd I cannot explainEven if I tryNo, you never make it… read more I, Wunderkammer

Me, running downhill
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Business Goose

Business Goose “For everything opened, Something is closed, A line has been drawn and, Art is a ghost…” Colm Keegan… read more Business Goose