Month: March 2021

Family of swans at Lisbane
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“I know who you are, and I’m never wrongI believe you’re nothing if you think that you are someoneJust try… read more Lasagne

Superman advertising Twinkies
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Come back Pluto !

“It’s boring but in the most exquisite of waysNo carcinogenic and humdrum malaiseAnd it’s strange, all the things that I’ve… read more Come back Pluto !

Sixto, Billie and me
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A moment with Sixto, Billie , and me.

“And if, and if the night runs overAnd if, the day won’t lastAnd if your way should falterAlong this stony… read more A moment with Sixto, Billie , and me.

Me and a giant Magpie
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Two For Joy

“Somebody told me and I think they’re rightThere is a change on its way tonightAnd I feel it’s soBut I… read more Two For Joy