Month: November 2021

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Just Today

“Is it like today? Ah, ahThen there followed days of kings, empires, and revolutionBlood just looks the same when you… read more Just Today

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Someone Else

“You bring my hand to my heartYou fling all my plans to the windYou wrote me a better partJust in… read more Someone Else

Me , as a fat golden budda
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Boo , Voodoo, and NFTs

“I spoke about wingsYou just flewI wondered, I guessed and I triedYou just knewI sighedBut you swooned, I saw the… read more Boo , Voodoo, and NFTs

Staring out over Sliabh Beagh
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Say Nothing

“So look up, lean back, be strongYou didn’t think you’d live this longBe as one, hold on, steady standFor as… read more Say Nothing