Month: February 2022

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Help Wanted – Happiness Incomplete

“Oh, gimme some time, Show me the foothold from which I can climb, Yeah, when I feel low, You show… read more Help Wanted – Happiness Incomplete

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On The Plus Side

“Oh, feel our bodies growAnd our souls they play, yeahYeah love I hope you knowHow much my heart depends, yeah”… read more On The Plus Side

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Take Time

“I’m just waiting for the day to become nightAnd I’ll shine no shoesIn all those worn splitsGet back to normalLay… read more Take Time

Tuna, our cat, and I , watching television
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“Watchin’ the waves come in at nightFrom my back porch stoop porch swingSwingin’ on its ownSee it’s just an inhabitant… read more Vigil