You Bring Me Dead Birds

“You do not know me and never will
Bones you have thrown me and blood I’ve spilled
It will be better, I do not know
You bring me dead birds and then you go”

Kathryn Joseph – The Bird

By the time you read this I will have headed off on an adventure with no access to WiFi, the internet, or democracy, so I’m sending this week’s blog early.

I woke at 4.30am on Tuesday morning from a dream and I got up and went downstairs to write it down as it was not only a fully formed story, it was also a way of connecting other characters that I’d written bits about but couldn’t tie together.

I was very excited.

That story may progress no further. That happens sometimes. You can write something that , in that moment, means everything to you, but you never finish, or simply don’t dare share with anyone.

I share most of my ramblings…whether you want to receive them or not.

Our cat , Tuna, kills birds and sometimes she leaves them on our front doorstep as a gift. She has never once got the reception she expects, “Oh Tuna ! How clever you are ! Stalking and killing this defenceless little bird….for me ?!? You deserve a cuddle.”

No. Whenever we encounter one of the little birds she brings us we tut, roll our eyes, and flick it off the doormat with our shoe.

But Tuna continues to bring us dead birds.

And I , whether you tut, roll your eyes , or flick to one side, continue to bring you stories.

Over the last few weeks both Jake and Robyn asked if they could find the talks I’ve given to TenX9 in Belfast anywhere, and I spent a wee while finding them and putting together links to the audio’ some videos, and a few that are on Spotify, in one place.

This place.

Below are links to audio recordings of some of the true stories I’ve told at TenX9 in Belfast over the years. Each talk is around 10 minutes long.

#255 Bad – April 2023 – Bits and bobs from a medical adventure

#213 Don’t Faint – January 2022 – Our wedding day

Plus video –

#204 Brother Where Art Thou October 2021 – A teacher that changed my life.

#193 Bright Pink Shirts – April 2021 – Storytelling  –

Plus video –

#187 Experiment – February 2021 – Our cat Pasta’s experiments on me.

Plus video –

#147 Humphrey  – May 2020 – My encounter with Humphrey, the devil’s own pony.

#128 Christmas 2019 – Best presents –

#099 City Life – June 2019 – Adventures in a yellow Alfa Sud

#072 Belfast – December 2018 –  Jake and I both tell stories of Belfast

#30 Love – April 2018 – Puppy Love –

#23 Ghosts  – March 2018 – My Ghosts

And here’s a link to a small playlist on Spotify with a few of the talks.

And then I go……..



P.S. This is the AMAZINGLY beautiful and haunting ‘The Bird

P.P.S  My Soulmate and her insane friends , the Emmy Nippers, did their Dip In The Nip last Sunday, raised a lot of laughs , and a lot of funds for cancer care. Thanks for all of your incredible support !

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