Thank You 22

“I’ve been thinking too much but
Keep it on the hush, no one need to know, just us
That’s really all it takes
We don’t need nothing but today (day), today (day)
Today (day), today (day)”

Small Worlds by Mac Miller

Where do I start ?

I have SO much to be grateful for this year.

I am grateful for making it through this year !

I genuinely couldn’t list everyone I’d like to because it would take me until this time next year to even write out all of their names.

I wrote a card to someone today which could equally apply to you, yes you .

Dear You,

I just wanted to write you a note to say that you didn’t know it at the time, but I was at a low point, and you reaching out to say hello, just at that moment, gave me a real lift, and brightened my day.

You have helped make this, unlikely as it seemed at times, the best year of my life.

Thank you , you gorgeous hunkette of humanity.

I hope I can do the same for you some day.

You mean a lot to me…even though I don’t always act like it.



People sent me books, dropped industrial quantities of Lucozade, Rioja, Guinness, chocolate, and cakes out to the house.

I am grateful…and larger.

People looked after me in Dr.Bourke’s practice , in Ronaghan’s Pharmacy, in the Bons Secours, in the Day Oncology Ward, in Beaumont’s Clinic A, X-ray, MRI, blood testing, audiology, stoma care, operating theatres, wards, and recovery rooms. And a great friend called to the house every week to take my bloods, saving me an extra 12 hospital visits.

I am truly grateful …and humbled.

People sent me absolutely terrible, terrible jokes. I mean I like a joke, even a corny joke, as much as the next guy, but these…and it wasn’t just our Stephen…

I am sort of grateful….but please stop…for the love of god STOP !

People sent me tees , great tees, having seen me post photos during my various chemo sessions sporting really cool band tees. Invariably all of these lovely people sent me tees that fitted like body stockings…and not in a good way. God bless your cotton socks !

I am grateful…and one day hope to fit into them…I’m a comfortable XL for future reference.

People sent me song suggestions. I listened to all of them …and liked some of them. When I hear them now I think of the person who suggested them to me and I get a wee glow. One person sent me song suggestions every Thursday night religiously. I looked out for them.

I am grateful for your musical suggestions…which are almost as cool as mine.

People came up to me in public , usually while shopping in Flemings, and thanked me for writing about my cancer journey and told me that they’d gone for a scan or test on the back of it. I walked away ten feet tall.

I am grateful for you taking the time to tell me …and I had a wee celebratory cry out in the car afterwards.

People took a lot off my shoulders. My Parkrun buddies didn’t take me off the rota, and covered for me without a fuss. I love you. My work colleagues didn’t send me a single email for a year. They didn’t ask my opinion on anything…and realised ‘What the heck was that guy doing anyway ?’. I stepped back from everything, and everything blossomed.

I am grateful for the time you afforded me…and no, you’re not getting it back.

People simply sent me texts  and WhatsApp messages and , as mentioned earlier, they always seemed to land just when I needed them most.

I am grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful folk.

Someday I hope to send you a message/book/bottle of Rioja/song , and if it makes half as much a difference to you , as yours did to me, that will be a great day.



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