Right Man, Wrong Place, or….

Some days I’m it.

I’m all that.

I’m at one.

And then I make the fatal mistake of getting out of bed. I often feel that I’m the right man, but in the wrong place. Sometimes I’m the wrong man in the right place. Or at least I often think I am.

By the time you read this I will be on my way to Dublin with Robyn , Elliott and Tristan. We’re going bowling, shopping, Nandos, to see Birds of Prey, and then to the airport to collect my Soulmate and then home to the true centre of the Universe.

Everything in its right place.

Where’s yours ?


P.S. On Wednesday I went to the Seamus Heaney exhibition in the Bank of Ireland building opposite Trinity , again, and was mesmirised ,again, by Lightenings viii :

The annals say: when the monks of Clonmacnoise
Were all at prayers inside the oratory
A ship appeared above them in the air.

The anchor dragged along behind so deep
It hooked itself into the altar rails
And then, as the big hull rocked to a standstill,

A crewman shinned and grappled down the rope
And struggled to release it. But in vain.
‘This man can’t bear our life here and will drown,’

The abbot said, ‘unless we help him.’ So
They did, the freed ship sailed, and the man climbed back
Out of the marvellous as he had known it.

P.P.S. Before you ask, yes I did cry as I left past the ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ mural……

P.P.P.S This is Rekoner by Radiohead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uofQD-N6UI&list=RDGnfPaaMR6Qc&index=2

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