“You crazy-assed cosmonaut, remember your virtue
Redemption lies plainly in truth
Just humor us, Achilles, Achilles, come down
Won’t you get up off, get up off the roof?”

  • David Immanuel Menachem Sasagi Le’Aupepe

We all wear masks.

Masks of respectability.

Masks of composure.

Masks of happiness.

Masks of charity.

Masks of calm…

“What are you doing ?”

Writing about wearing masks.

“Like the V for Vendetta one you wore at the ParkRun last HallowE’en ?”


“Like the coconut scented  Tiger face mask Robyn got you for Christmas ?”

No , like socially, it’s a metaphor for projecting an image , and not really how we feel.

“Hmm,what have you got so far ?”

Respectability, composure, happiness, charity and calm.

“These are all your masks , aren’t they ?”

Yes, I suppose, but they could easily be applied to….

“No, they’re yours alright. Is that it ?”

No, I was going to add a mask of bravery.


You’re hilarious.

“I know, but seriously, ‘Bravery’ and you , in the same sentence ?”

It’s a metaphor ! Remember ?!? I’m saying that I wear a mask of bravery, to cover up the fact that I’m afraid.

“No you don’t.”

Yes I do.

“When ?”


“You’re the biggest scaredy cat, the worst patient, biggest hypochondriac, afraid of heights, cows, scary movies, rollercoasters, Irish Country & Western singers, spiders,Weeping Angels, clowns, those freaky faceless Willow Tree figurines, Mrs.Browns Boys, dentists, confession boxes, the dark…”

I meant that when I’m concerned for others, I put on a mask of bravery ,for them, so they can take comfort from the fact that I’m not afraid, for them. I’m a harbour in the storm of whatever they’re going through.

“No you’re not ! You’re a headless chicken at the first hint of trouble !”

That’s not fair.

“You’re right.”

Thank you.

“You’re a headless chicken at the first hint of the first hint of trouble !”

NO ! I’m the …

“Chicken !”

Shut up !

“Oooh ! Feel the burn !”

I was just talking about metaphors, and you….

“Heart on your sleeve !”

Pardon ?

“That’s a metaphor that actually applies to you.”

Me ? Heart on my sleeve ? Not at all ! And anyway, that’s not a metaphor, it’s  more of an idiom. And I’m not transparent.

“If you were any more transparent you’d be translucent !”

Rubbish ! I’m enigmatic !


That’s not helping.

“Sorry .Look out the window. See that star up there ?”

The one at the end of The Plough ?

“Yes , Alkaid. It’s 104 light years away. What you’re seeing is actually a photon of light that left that star 104 years ago and it’s now hitting the optic nerve at the back of your eye and registering as the  star you see on that tiny wonderful brain that you’re filling with stupid notions about masks, and…”

Oh ! I think I see. I mean , you’re saying that in the vastness of all of this, I shouldn’t be worried about appearing as something I’m not ?

“Well what I was going to say was that if there was someone or something standing on that star, 104 light years away, even they could tell how you were really feeling because you’re so obvious…but if that little story about a photon floats your boat, go with that one….”


“Paul , Paul, wake up ! It’s just a dream. You OK ?” My Soulmate asks in concern, shaking my shoulder gently.


“Who were you shouting at ???”

No one…I was in a play… ‘Idiot In A Mask’ it was very…perceptive.

“It sounded like you were arguing with someone.”

No…not really…just shouting in the play …it was rubbish really…

“OK. Are you worried about tomorrow ?”


“It’ll be OK.”

I know.

“We’ll get through anything together.”

I know.

“Go back to sleep. Love you.”

I know.

We get through everything…together.



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