It’s All Ologies Now

“So I got older
And I learned to relax, and I learned to soften, and that dance got easier
It is this eternal dance that separates human beings from angels, from demons, from gods
And I must not forget, we must not forget, that we are human beings”


 My Soulmate mentioned reflexology to me for the first time way before we got married. Her cousin Michelle from London had told her about it. Apparently her partner Mark had bought a book on it and tried it out on her. When I asked what Michele said it was like, she told me that she didn’t know as she’d fallen asleep.

A few years later we were on our honeymoon in St.Lucia and were heading off to Grenada for a few days and I was not looking forward to the flight at all. For the previous week I’d wandered down to the end of the beach each day and in the edge of the forest a local lady had made a little bar out of driftwood and she sold beer and cooked freshly caught fish for the guys who wandered up and down the beach all day selling bracelets and hand carved holiday mementos.

It was a wonderful place where the beers were 50c each, cold and delicious, and you could buy a single cigarette. On my first day I ordered a beer and a cigarette and handed her  $10 which was all I had with me. She looked at her change drawer and handed the $10 back to me saying that she didn’t have enough change, and that this beer was on her. I looked around at the other customers, 5 or so guys, and said that I’d buy them all a beer each, and she could give them another beer later in the afternoon. She smiled, started popping beer caps and I got several slaps on the back.

I did the same thing for the next few days, and on our last day when we were leaving the beach I said to my Soulmate that I was going to go down to the wee bar to say ‘Goodbye’, and that I’d be back in the hotel in a few minutes. She asked me to hurry as an old Englishman that had befriended us on the flight over, Arthur, was taking us out for dinner.

When I got down to the bar , the sun was setting, and all of the beach hawkers were there to finish off the day with a beer. I got handed a beer and a rum and was told that they wanted to say thanks for the beers during the week. I’d only had half that beer when I was handed another one, and another rum by someone else. This continued for about an hour and in the end two of those fine gentlemen had to carry me back up the beach to our hotel.

I had a long cold shower, and I think I just about managed not to embarrass myself in the restaurant.

The next morning as we were waiting in the hotel lobby for the taxi I felt as ‘tired and emotional’ as I’d ever felt. I was not looking forward to the taxi ride to the airport, let alone the flight to Grenada. Arthur arrived to say ‘Goodbye’ and took one look at me and said to my Soulmate “Is he dying ?”

Yes ! I replied.

“Take your sandals off and rest your feet on my knees.”

What ?

“Just do as you’re told.”

Arthur then proceeded to rub my feet.

I yelped at one point saying that he was applying too much pressure to my left foot.

“I’m applying the same pressure to each, your left foot is connected to your stomach, that’s why it feels sore.”

I was in no position to argue. He carried on mauling my poor left foot until the taxi arrived.

“He’ll be fine now.” Arthur said, giving my Soulmate a hug.

No, I won’t ! I protested.

Arthur gave me a hug and said gently “Stay off the rum, you wonderful idiot.”

I did make it onto the flight and didn’t even use the bathroom on the flight…which was just as well, as there was no bathroom on the flight. There were several chickens in cages who were terribly excited about flying so high, and they distracted me until we landed.

I did not go looking for any beach bars in Grenada, or Barbados after that.

Oddly, neither did I give reflexology, or foot mauling, a second thought after that experience either.

I’ve heard it mentioned but didn’t ever connect it with me as something I’d like , need or enjoy.

After my cancer malarkey last year Martin from Crocus mentioned to me one day in the shop that I should join Crocus, our local cancer support group. I smiled politely and nodded, but thought that that was for people who are ill, and I’m not.

The next time Martin popped into the shop , a few months later, he kindly brought an application form for Crocus with him. I didn’t put it straight in the bin, as that would have seemed rude, but didn’t do anything with it either. I put it at the bottom of my rucksack and successfully ignored it for weeks, even when I couldn’t find my favourite Muji pencil, and had to take everything out to have a good look for it.

I saw Martin in town on St.Patrick’s Day at the finish of the annual Crocus 5k , which Ray and I ran without stopping…mostly. I felt guilty and determined to at least fill in the form and hand it in. I had to see my GP the following week, so I got him to sign it , stating I was OK to have treatments. And then I drove around to Crocus and looked for a post box to put it into. There wasn’t one, so I had to go inside. There was a lady on the phone who smiled and motioned me to wait a moment. I did. When she finished her call she welcomed me in, introduced herself, Mary, and I handed her the form saying that Martin had asked me to hand it in. She had a quick look through the form, sympathised with me for what I’d gone through and asked if I wanted a quick tour of the centre. I said I didn’t, as politely as I could. I just wanted to leave. She started to mention the treatments and services available, but I was already backing towards the door, and then she said “….. which can help with sleeping.”

Pardon ?

“Reflexology, some people say that it helps with sleeping.”

Oh, maybe I would be interested in that.

She gave me a card for a lady named Edel to make an appointment with. And I did, and it was today.

When I went in Edel asked me if I’d had any alternative treatments before.

Acupuncture and Kinesiology. I replied, and then explaining that the acupuncture was initially a surprise part of a physio session that I hadn’t expected, but had got great benefit from , and the Kinesiology which I still do not understand, being my Ologist Ann’s most cynical client, but that I’d been back for 5 sessions so far and found it weirdly wonderful.

Edel explained what she would do, I took off my shoes and socks and spent the next 45 minutes in a lazy, fluffy, wonderland. Afterwards Edel asked if I’d felt any area of my feet more sensitive and I said the tips of my big toes.

“That would make sense, that area is connected to the brain and pituitary gland, and you’ve had a lot going on.” She moved her thumbs to the middle of my soles and asked if I hadn’t noticed anything there.


“That area is related to your kidneys and it felt to me like something was going on there.”

Oh ! I had my left kidney removed. Probably should have mentioned that.

“It’s OK. That would make sense. Now if you reflect on this session later, or tomorrow and feel that you’d like anoth…”

I’ll book it now please !!!

 It was AMAZING ! Edel was AMAZING ! Crocus is AMAZING !

I floated down the stairs and made a point of thanking Mary for suggesting the reflexology.

When I went back to the office Gerry brought me a cup of tea and asked what had happened to me.

How do you mean ?

“You’ve been walking around like a pishmire for the last two days and now you’re…not ?”

Oh, I’ve been to a lovely lady called Edel for reflexology.

“Can you see her daily ? We’d all chip in.”

He’s a funny chap that Gerry.

There are lots of brilliant people out there waiting to help.

Let them.



Author: paul

2 thoughts on “It’s All Ologies Now

  1. So glad you’re giving yourself permission to experience some of the magic of “alternative” therapies, treatments, and perspectives.

    Really glad to hear how well you’re feeling!

    Love and big hugs.

  2. Paul – this is such a lovely story. Isn’t it amazing ,the many different but related stories we collect during our lifetime ? I was reflecting that you are (by profession) a protector of feet ! In reflexology terms they are the mirrors of our bodies . I regularly attend reflexology for my head 🤣🤣- take care dec

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