A Photograph Of You

I am in a very precarious situation at the moment that will last for another few days. I cannot afford to have any mishaps, and more specifically nothing serious that would require a blood transfusion. At the moment my blood type is not available from the Irish Blood Transfusion Service.

“Really ?”

Yes. At the moment my blood type is GRCG++.

Guinness,Rioja,Chocolate,Gravy, double plus.

I have forgotten what apples are and have existed for the last two weeks on a diet that Henry VIII would have been proud of.

I started the New Year with a 10k waddle around Emyvale. Generally when I run I get some sort of mild twinge/ache/strain in either knee or calf, mostly caused by my refusal to waste precious time doing warm up stretches or exercises. But this time I had a new painful sensation. My belly muscles ached as I ran due to the extra giggly bits I’ve acquired.
They will have to go ! (Eventually ).

Over the holidays we mostly stayed put , lit a fire every day and had some lovely visitors, cousins from Dundalk, Dublin, friends and godfathers from Dublin, Galway. Two old friends , who have been dating as long as my Soulmate and I , a mere 35 years , announced their engagement. The kids made a gingerbread house, they got brand new Monkeyhead United team jerseys, Heidi wore a little Santa hat, Pasta reluctantly wore a little Santa hat, and a little Santa hat was placed on my head while I fell asleep on Christmas morning after watching ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. The five of us sat down for Christmas dinner at 4pm and left the table at 10.30pm. The fifteen of us all had second Christmas in Mum’s. Jake’s pals met Roddy and Big Ross. We celebrated New Year’s Eve Eve together. We visited brother-in-laws, and were visited by brothers-in-law. We taxied on New Year’s Eve and we dined and reminisced with Macca last night.

And, much to everyone’s general annoyance, I photographed it all.

“Why ?”

Honestly ? Why not ? But also because they are my memories and they fade and get lost in consciousness over time so I take a photo to remind me of these great days.

Happy New Year,

P.S. Here’s ‘A Flock of Seagulls’ – Wishing

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