“(And when the moment arrived)
He just found he had nothing to say
That day”

Villagers ‘That Day’

This has been a topsy turvy week.

My Uncle Terence passed away and his funeral took place on Tuesday.

I met cousins I hadn’t seen for a while and we all tried our best to be a comfort for my Mum, Aunty Margaret, and Uncle Francis, Terence’s siblings.

I have to be honest and say that being so closely involved in a funeral, the wake, carrying the coffin, and helping to lower it into the ground, shook me a little.

A lot, maybe.

Things that would normally distract me or lift me from dull thoughts, a cool movie, The Velvet Goldmine , which features Ewan McGregor, and Ewan’s little Ewan McGregor, a cuddle in the kitchen, a brilliant book, A Confederacy Of Dunces, a run with Ray,  the outtakes from the Beatles Revolver ( Super Deluxe) album, didn’t.

So here I am , on a Thursday night, trying to write this.

This is my fourth go at it.

And then I thought , I wonder what anyone expects of this weekly communication, if anything at all.

And I genuinely want to know if you, yes you ,, have a question for me.

So that’s what today’s ‘this’ is.

Ask me anything.

Just hit reply, and I’ll answer as honestly as I can.

You can ask about writing, Monaghan, music, cancer, health, happiness, true love, pesky kids, faith, humour, my favourite Rioja, or whatever you’d like.

Your question will just be between you and me. I’m only doing this for my email subscribers.

Or simply say hello.



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